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Most students are confused by the various job alternatives available to them, particularly after completing their intermediate and bachelor’s degrees. We have compiled a comprehensive selection of courses for the majority of qualifications and specializations. We give information and assess the quality of available studies/programs/future prospects/degree recognition in various nations.

Qualification & Specialization

1. DIPLOMA: Provides Training and Occupational Skills course work for grater employment and advancement possibilities. Normally 80% course is dedicated towards attainment of practical skills. Apprenticeship is an integral part of these courses. Most of the programs are of 8-12 months and are targeted for individuals between 16-19 years of age. Ex: Automotive Technician, Diesel and Heavy Mechanic Technician, Welding, Pharmacy Technician etc…

2. ADVANCED DIPLOMA: Are an Extension of Diploma and includes more theory and specialization on the subject of study. Most of the countries treat it as a part of undergraduate degree and have progression pathways. Mostly taken up by professionals as an extension of existing qualifications. Ex: Accounting & Finance, Animation, Aviation, Financial Planning etc.

3. ASSOCIATE DEGREE: Awarded after 2 years of Study at a Community College, Technical College or a Bachelor Granting University in USA and Canada. These act as foundation program based on which students pursue their specialization for next 2 years towards Bachelor Degree. Some of the programs offered under associate degree are: Business and Commerce Technology, Mechanical Technology, Data Processing etc.

4. BACHELORS DEGREE: Is usually awarded for undergraduate studies ranging from 3- 4 years, wherein student goes through extensive classroom and practical training towards his program of specialization. Some of degrees awarded are Bachelor of Science/Engineering/Arts/ Philosophy/Business etc. These is basic qualification required by most of the employers all over the world.

5. POST GRADUATE CERTIFICATE: Is normally awarded for a postgraduate qualification which is less than postgraduate diploma or Masters Degree. Normal duration of it is 6 months. Mostly provided by universities in UK and Australia. In Canada the duration of this course is for 1 year and is an extension to the Bachelor Degree earned by the candidate. As with other diplomas focus more of enhancement of employability skills of students. Ex: PG Cert in Business/Computer Science/ Electrical Engineering etc.

6. POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA: Awarded for completion of qualifications after Bachelors. Normal duration for the course is 1 year. Like Post graduate Certificate it’s a pathway towards Master’s Degree. Ex: PG Diploma in Computer Science/ Biology etc.

7. MASTERS: Awarded for Study of 2 years after Bachelor’s Degree. It may be Classroom Base, Research based or normally combination of both. It is generally an extension specialization based on Bachelor’s degree. Some countries such as United Kingdom offers Masters ranging for 12-16 Months duration. Normally it is an essential prelude for eligibility of admission into doctorate program. Some of the Examples of Master’s Degree are Masters in Science/Art/Law/ Business/Engineering/ Theology etc…

8. INTEGRATED PHD: These programs are designed as a combination of Masters along with doctorate degree. The basic qualification required for admission is a Bachelor’s Degree in the related discipline. These are offered to exceptional candidates who have huge potential and ability to excel in high performance environment. The purpose of the integrated Phd is to gradually condition one’s thoughts towards research, while providing a view of the trials and tribulations in small doses. So when one joins an Int. PhD program, just in 2-3 months, one is shuttled from a semester-and-exam based system to one where you are learning skills and tools all the time, with evaluations based on presentation, data talks and discussions. These programs are offered across all disciplines i.e. Computer Science/All Engineering/Life Sciences etc… and are of 4-5 years duration. PHD : Doctorate degrees are offered after completion of Masters Degree. You’ll learn more in the first year of Int. PhD than you ever will in the first year of any other degree. The fact that mostly premier institutes offer this program ensures that the student would be exposed to cutting-edge technology, world-renowned speakers and an internationally trained faculty. Since the requirements are tough and the course is purely research Based, admissions criteria are usually very stringent. The normal duration of the Phd Program is 5 years. These programs are offered across all disciplines i.e. Computer Science/All Engineering/Life Sciences etc…. Most of the times students are eligible for fellowships while pursuing their Phd’s.

NOTE : We have tried to cover basic points of the most common qualifications. There are bound to be exceptions as it varies across different countries. Please email us at 

JMM Shortlists The University As Per The Following Criteria:
  • Ranking of Institution: Although the ranking methodology varies and it differs as per the ranking institution, it does provide an insight into the quality of Institution. We always keep it in our foresight while selecting the Universities.
  • Accreditation of the Institution:  This is amongst the most important factor in selection of the universities. It reflects the quality of institution and recognition of degree. JMM Consultancy ensures that we apply to only recognized, well accredited institutions.
  • Academic Percentage [Last Qualification]:  A very important factor in selection of university, as it reflects the performance of the student in his area of study. Most of the universities focus on this as this is the foundation based on which they would base their further studies.
  • Scores in Entrance Exams [GRE/GMAT/SAT/TOEFL/IELTS/PTE]: There are 2 types of Entrance exams 1) English Proficiency [TOEFL/ IELTS/ PTE] 2) Other Prerequisite Exams like GRE/ GMAT/ SAT. Most of the Universities have very strict conditions for English requirements and would offer English classes in cases of less scores. However, GRE/GMAT/SAT requirements is taken in conjunction with Academic scores.
  • Budget:  Before selection of the schools we normally speak to student’s parents to get an estimate about the tuition fee budget. While shortlisting we ensure that we adhere to the budget.
  • Location: We ask the students if they have a specific location choice in the chosen country. We try to select universities in the vicinity of the location.
  • Opportunities for Scholarships/Assistantships: Many universities offer Scholarships/ Assistantships/Tuition Waiver for the students. We always inform the same to the students and inform them about the procedures for it.
  • Campus Safety: Safety is paramount and a major worry for students and parents. We ensure that all the City, university and nearby areas are safe and don’t have any history of violence.
  • Internships: Internships gives the students to get real time work experience in a foreign country the student’s areas of expertise. Many universities have a tie-up with industry wherein they collaborate to provide the same.
  • Opportunities for Part Time Jobs: Most of the students look for an opportunity to work part-time while studying. Part time is allowed only on campus in USA, so we look for campuses which are large enough to have opportunities for on campus jobs. Other Countries offer off-campus jobs, so ideally we focus on locations which have opportunities for it.
  • Feedback from Existing Students and Alumni:  It’s always the best way to know first hand about a particular institution. We ensure that we are in touch with existing students who are studying there and give real-time feedback to prospective students.
  • Weather:  We provide the information about the prevailing weather conditions over there as many students aren’t able to tolerate extreme cold.
Information About Admission Requirements
  • Entrance Tests [GRE/GMAT/SAT/TOEFL/IELTS]Provide information to student about English Proficiency Requirements [TOEFL/IELTS/PTE] and cut offs for other Exams [GRE/GMAT/SAT].
  • Academic Percentages Required: Institution-wise requirements for percentages along with accepted backlogs.
  • Deadlines for admissions: Deadlines for Spring/Summer/Fall intakes. Some Universities have multiple deadline i.e. Scholarship/Priority deadline and documents deadline. It’s important to follow the deadlines strictly.
  • Application Fees: Many of the universities have application fees as part of the application process. It has to be paid online by using Credit/ Debit card.
  • Documents Required:  The students need to submit the following documents as part of the admission process. JMM provides the detailed checklist and guidelines for the preparation of these:
    • Certified Copies of Academic Documents
    • How to Order Transcripts
    • Statement of Purpose, Resume
    • Recommendation Letters
    • Financial Certificates
    • Experience Letters
    • Scores of Pre-requisite Exams

Application Process: JMM is committed to provide transparency and ensures that the students are part of the process. The various steps involved in the process are mentioned below:

  • Online Applications: Filling online application form , it mainly deals with personal and academic details of the student.
  • Dispatch of Documents to the University: We need to send the documents as per the university i.e. either soft copy by email or hard copies.
  • Official Score Reporting: Most of the institutions ask for official reporting of the scores from the examination authority. JMM Advisors guides the students through various steps which is online for GRE/GMAT/SAT/TOEFL/ PTE and Paper Based for IELTS.

Application Follow-up:  JMM Advisors ensures that we are in constant touch with the admissions departments to ensure that there isn’t any delay in the process. Students are kept in loop through our software and regular updates through Phone/Emails and SMS’s. We endeavor to fulfill all requirements of universities and any additional documents (if required) in shortest possible time to facilitate fastest possible college.

After receiving the confirmation of admission, the student needs apply for Study Visa/ Permit to the respective embassies.

We at JMM Advisors facilitate the same by providing:

Guidelines of Financial Requirements: Every Country has their specific for living and tuition expenses.

We at JMM Consultancy ensure that a proper explanation for same is given to the students and his sponsors. We also verify the documents to ascertain its authenticity and ensure its adhere to the visa requirements.

Assistance in Filling Visa Forms: We assist the students to fill in the visa forms as per the country’s procedure.

Some of them have online and others have paper based forms.

Procedure for Arrangement of Documents: Every country has a separate procedure for visa, some have online submissions, some have unperson submissions and others have a personal interview.

We at JMM Advisors guide the students through every step to ensure a hassle-free process.

Govt. of  Telangana Scholarship for Backward Classes Students to Study Abroad for PG Programs
“JMM Advisors isn’t a authorized representative nor is associated with the scholarships process. Hence, JMM doesn’t assist the students in the application process for it. This article is just for information of prospective students. The details of application & criteria are mentioned below”.

With a view to enable the benefit of higher education in Foreign Universities to meritorious Backward Classes Students and thereby providing them an opportunity for better career prospects within the country and aboard, Telangana Government after careful examination hereby order to introduce a new scheme of “Mahatma Jyothiba Phule BC Overseas Vidya Nidhi”.
“Mahatma Jyothiba Phule BC Overseas Vidya Nidhi” will be initially sanctioned to (300) BC Students every year and is open to all eligible graduates to pursue Post Graduate studies abroad subject


  • Income: BC Students whose family income is less than “Rs.1,50,000/- in Rural Areas and Rs.2,00,000/- in Urban Areas.” Per annum from all sources are eligible, In case of employees, salary certificate from the employer is a must. In all cases the income certificate must be obtained through MEE SEVA. A copy of the latest tax assessment as well as the latest monthly salary slip from the employer is also required to be enclosed with the application.
  • Age: The Maximum age under the scheme shall not exceed 30 years as on 1st July of the year of advertisement.
  • Qualification: 60% marks or equivalent grade in foundation Degree in Engineering / Management / Pure Sciences / Agriculture Sciences /Medicine & Nursing / Social Sciences / Humanities.
  • One Child in a Family Award: Not more than one child of the same parents / guardian’s will be eligible and to this effect a self certificate will be required from the candidate. The awardee cannot be considered for the second or subsequent times as the individual can be awarded only once in a life time.
  • Countries Eligible under the Scheme: USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Singapore.

Mandatory Requirements:

  • He / She should have a valid TOEFL / IELTS & GRE / GMAT.
  • He / She should have obtained admission in an accredited Foreign University.
  • He / She should possess a valid Passport.
  • The Candidate should make his/her own efforts in seeking admission in an accredited University / Institution Abroad.
  • The selected candidate has to join the concerned University within one year of communication of selection. On the expiry of this specified period of time, the award will be automatically canceled and come to an end. No request for extension of time for availing the award is permissible under the Scheme.
  • The candidate shall not change the course of study for which the scholarship has been sanctioned.
  • It will be the responsibility of the candidate to obtain the appropriate visa for a country wherein one intends to study further under award from the Scheme and the Visa issuing authorities may kindly see that only such type of Visa be issued which only permits the candidate to pursue specified course in abroad and thereafter the candidate returns to India.
  • The applications should be complete in all respects and should be accompanied by all relevant documents. The applications, incomplete in any respect, are liable to be rejected.

Scholarship Amount:

  • Fees: Fees shall be payable in Two installments as follows:
  • Installment-I: An amount of 10.00 Lakhs shall be payable to the Institution /students upon production of the landing permit / I-94 card (Immigration Card).
  • Installment-II: An amount of 10.00 Lakhs shall be payable to the Institution /students upon production of the 1st Semester results.
  • Sanction Proceedings specifying the amount of 20.00 Lakhs will be issued to the individual towards fees and living expenses by way of a grant subject to his/her joining into the Course to the Candidates selected by the Selection Committee. The sanction proceedings can be used by the Candidates for obtaining a Visa from the respective Embassy.
  • Educational Loan: The Student shall be eligible for an educational loan of 10.00 Lakhs from any Nationalized bank at prevailing rates of interest.

How to apply?
Visit the official site. Click on the Registration option to apply online.
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Foreign Exchange : After securing visa the student needs to book their air tickets, pay their tuition fee, arrange for foreign exchange for students living and miscellaneous expenditures. JMM Advisors assists the students for getting the best rates for foreign exchange. JMM Advisors also helps students for FOREX card and travel Insurance which are really useful during the initial stages.


Educational Loan:  Education Abroad is a expensive affair and many of the parents look for educational loan to meet the requirements. There is a tax rebate for it and its the most hassle free process for showing the funds during visa. The banks have their own checks and balances and are guided by their policies regarding approval of the loans. We at JMM Advisors have tied up with few financial institutions to facilitate faster processing of loans. The list of institutions are as below:

  • Avanse
  • Allahabad Bank
  • Normad Credit : Normad  Credit can help international students studying in the United States apply for a loan from U.S based lender if they have a friend or family member who works in the United States. Rates & Fees on education loans are often much cheaper from U.S lenders.   Visit Normad credit to get started today

Note: JMM Advisors doesn’t guarantee approval of loan nor is involved in the evaluation process. The institutions decide each case based on the merits of the case. 

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